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Run 1

Here you can play a phenomenal game of Run 1 in which running the little alien is the main goal of the game. You will enter an unknown world of endless tunnels floating in space. Be you, the one who will guide the little alien through dozens of different levels full of obstacles that can make you fall. The path consists of a road made of tiles that can have different properties and this will make the run more interesting. Skill must be your strong suit to achieve fast lateral movements and accurate jumps.

Run 1 makes this game an adventure that won't let you rest as long as you're on the move. Gravity will pull you into the holes in the floor and you won't escape them. No matter how good you are, you'll still get caught up in the cosmic space of Run 1. Here we've prepared a wide range of Run games as well as others like it, scroll down and see what you like.

Run with run 1

This run1 game will have you so engrossed that you'll skip every respawn with the thought of finishing each level, progressing in difficulty. The more you progress, the harder it will become to reach the finish line. You need to have some reaction skills and think very quickly in making decisions that have to do with character handling. Your skills will improve throughout the game, and you'll be able to compete with other players for a high score.

Feeling ready to start your first round of run1? Don't rush yet, choose wisely one of the three game modes available in the menu. You have so many levels to complete that you will forget about the passing minutes in an attempt to make the transition from one level to another. Don't panic if you fail every time, you have unlimited time to improve your skills. The run1 game is the first version created and manages to be loved by many people. This game can be a relaxation for you, it makes you concentrate and forget about your problems. To make it to your liking, enter the infinite game mode and select the difficulty you are comfortable with. But don't forget one essential thing, jump as much as you can because you don't stop running like slope online.

About Run1 Online brings you the favorite games in this category, you have at your disposal some carefully selected games whose main activity is running. We dedicated ourselves especially to the Run series created by player03, so we tried to expose all the variants of this wonderful game to play here. You can play run 1,2 or 3 in different versions, and some are just imitations. We'll keep you posted on the latest RUN game releases. For a unique experience of this run1 game, I recommend you to try the original version on the appstore. On this site you will be able to play free run 1 whenever you want to relax. For a more enjoyable experience the game can be played from your laptop or desktop.


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