Play Run with Run 1

This new run game comes with another much friendlier and more beautiful interface. The improvements are visible and the run1 game is much more enjoyable due to this look. As you well know, the game has two ways to choose, one to explore and one to infinity.

In the lower left corner you will find the menu with information, rankings and store. Now all you have to do is run through many tunnels with difficult and interesting obstacles in which to impose your jumping and detour strategy.

You don't even know what to expect in these galactic tunnels, the difficulty will be progressive with each level. But don't forget what you can do with the coins you earn, upgrade your character and take advantage of this to get to the end of the tunnel. Run1 is waiting for you and your friends to test your skills and reflexes in overcoming difficult obstacles.

To control the run 1 alien just use left and right arrows and spacebar to jump. With these three keys you can move your player as you wish. The updates to this version run1 unblocked are few and small, but they make the difference. The bad think is that the character has no face and is running all the time without stopping. Run 1 is an intense skill game that will make you better every time you lose.

It is simple to play html5 on any device that because is not flash game anymore. Explore mode will give you the option to train you better and make a higher score. Select the speed of the game, if are a beginner just take it slow first. Follow the speed and have your eyes focused on the holes that you have to jump over.

The main reason you play run 1 is for highscore. The game have no end, the purpose is to make a bigger score to compete with other online players. If you want to have your own map to play, just simply create your own inside the game. It is easy and fun, just try and see!

How to play:

- select the mode you want: explore or infinite

- use up arrwo key to jump and left/right to rotate the world

- use the menu for more skins and achievements