Run 3 Online

Get ready for an exciting journey filled with satisfaction as you conquer each level of Run 3. With two game modes to choose from - explore and infinite - this game offers endless possibilities for fun and entertainment. Keep track of your progress and explore the galaxy with ease using the game's map feature, allowing you to monitor your success and see how far you've come in Run 3 game.

In order to make your game easier with the points collected along the levels, the shop menu provides you with some characters with special abilities that will help you in case of certain more difficult levels. You have eleven run3 aliens to unlock, each with its own abilities, and you will be able to successfully advance the levels that give you headaches.

Once you have tried this game, it will become viral for you. With its simplicity, this game will make you busy, take you out of your daily routine, and give you a new purpose for the moment. It is the ideal game for a break in the office or at classes. Keep track of your score and watch as it is displayed online, allowing you to compare your performance with others and see how you stack up in the game. Explore the vast and challenging universe of run 3, where boredom is not an option with its diverse levels of varying difficulty. Experience the thrill of running through vast empty spaces, pushing your limits and never losing your drive to conquer the next challenge.


- use mouse to interact with menu

- use arrwo keys to move or spacebar

- use points to unlock new characters