Play Stick Running Online


Stick Running is a thrilling and action-packed endless running game that puts players in control of a nimble stick figure on a mission to run as far as possible. The objective of the game is to guide the stick figure through a series of obstacles, while collecting coins and power-ups along the way.

The game features easy to use controls, players simply need to swipe left or right to change lanes, and swipe up to jump over obstacles. With realistic physics and dynamic environments, players will feel fully immersed in the game as they run through different locations.

Stick Running also includes a variety of different power-ups such as coin magnets, speed boosts, and invincibility, which can be collected to help the stick figure on its journey. Players can also compete with friends and other players around the world on the global leaderboard.

With intuitive controls, challenging obstacles, and hours of entertainment, Stick Running is a must-play for fans of the endless running genre. The colorful, vibrant and cartoonish graphics of the game also adds to the appeal of the game, making it a perfect choice for both kids and adults. Start running, collecting coins and power-ups, and climbing up the leaderboard with Stick Running today!


- use up arrow to jump

- press the up key twice for a double jump

- use up arrow to roll