Run 1

Come and run continuously with run1 in these endless floating tunnels in outer space. This little alien doesn't know how to stop running, he's made for it, but he can't do everything on his own. The path is long and muddy with space holes ready to absorb you into the vast infinity. Running will not be boring, you always have to pay attention to the chosen route to reach the end of the level. Skillfully guide the character in run1 by performing lateral and gravitational movements.

So run1 is a running adventure, in which the chances of losing are endless and have to come up with ingenious solutions to pass each level safely, so it takes your skills to react to sudden changes.

To play run 1 see the game below, as well as its next series!

Run with run 1

Run1 is so addictive that it gets more interesting with each respawn, the levels being progressively harder to pass making the game so interesting. You will never know what difficulties await you with the next level, if you are skilled enough to overcome any obstacle. Your skills will be perfected during this game and you will be able to compete with other players for a high score.

If you are ready to try the first level of run 1 just not hurry yet, you have three ways to try this game. You have so many levels to complete that you will forget about the passing minutes in an attempt to make the transition from one level to another. If you fail there is no panic, the game repeats itself until endless.This is the first version of the run game, and yet it is so good. Run1 makes your day more beautiful by relaxing each time you will acquire new skills. Enter infinite mode and set yourself the difficulty of the levels to accommodate the game mode. However, you only have to do one thing, to run away without stopping.

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About Run1 Online brings you the favorite games in this category, you have at your disposal some carefully selected games whose main activity is running. We dedicated ourselves especially to the Run series created by player03, so we tried to expose all the variants of this wonderful game to play here. You can play run 1,2 or 3 in different versions, and some are just imitations. We'll keep you posted on the latest RUN game releases. For a unique experience of this run1 game, I recommend you to try the original version on the appstore. On this site you will be able to play free run 1 whenever you want to relax. For a more enjoyable experience the game can be played from your laptop or desktop.


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